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Kingrun  265 / 75 R 16

Tyre Size


Load Rating

123 (1550 Kg)

Speed Rating

S (180 Klms/H)

Brand Name / Pattern

Kingrun K2000

Tyre Price


Tyre Description

 The Kingrun K2000 is an amazing Tyre, it utilises four main jaggered grooves and staggered lateral block provide strong cross-country performance which can handle whatever terrain you might be facing. In addition it utilises a three dimensional pattern to assist in protecting the tread pattern on harsh roads. It has state of the art design and constuction consisting of two layers of high-tension steel belts, dimensional stability polyester and joint-less wrapping nylon. This makes the K2000 one of the most durable tyres on the market today! Phone or Visit ETyreStore now for more information relating to this tyre. For more information on Kingrun Tyres visit – 
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