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Zestino  215 / 45 R 17

Tyre Size


Load Rating

87 (545 Kg)

Speed Rating

W (270 Klms/H)

Brand Name / Pattern

Zestino Gredge-07R

Tyre Price


Tyre Description

 ETyreStore is now able to offer the ultimate racing tyre - The Zestino Gredge 07R. This street legal semi-slick tyre was designed in Japan and boasts an impressive 240 treadwear rating. It has been making a wave in the racing industry for its high performance as well as longevity of the tyre, giving you the ability to go longer and longer than any other semi-slick tyre. With an AA Traction Rating and specially designed grooves for water dispersion and grip, this tyre is designed to impress. Contact ETyreStore today!  
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